What I Learned About Promotions from a Tactical Stocking

Black Friday weekend has just passed, which means we are being slammed with sales prices and special promotional prices from anything from clothing and jewelry retailers to newspapers and software. As a marketer, I should find this time of year exciting! Every brand in the world is pulling out all…

Some unique perspectives, but is probably overrated

Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead is one of the most popular books in recent management literature. Brown is a longtime writer, researcher, and consultant on leadership and corporate culture. Dare to Lead is meant as a distillation of her work, meant for a mass audience. …

Is Microsoft Censoring Anti-Chinese Government Content?

Do you recognize this photo?

Probably. It is one of the most famous, iconic, and memorable photos ever. Time magazine rated it as one of the 100 “most influential” photos ever. In 2016, Esquire magazine ranked it as the 15th “most remarkable” photo ever taken.

The photo was taken on June 5, 1989, after the…

Palm oil and purpose-led design in the age of Coronavirus

Conscious consumerism is the practice of making purchasing decisions driven with the intent of generating a positive social, or environmental impact. While everyone agrees this behavior is worthwhile, it often becomes more of a slogan than a reality. …

Doing business while staying authentic to your mission

Environmentally-friendly consumer goods is a rapidly growing trend. Some estimates project that the global market could be as large as 150 billion USD by the end of 2021. New businesses seem to be popping up every day, offering novel products with green materials. While this quickly evolving landscape is exciting…

Not only are the polls wrong, the pollsters don’t know how to fix them

The 2020 election had two clear losers: Donald Trump and polling.

Analysts had predicted a possible Biden landslide, but immediately after voting ended it became clear that the election was tight. Pundits and journalists scrambled to explain what was taking place, while some Democrats panicked at the possibility of a…

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