I did not imply that the bulk of the right believes in population control. I specified that alt-right aligned media seems to be attracted to this film. I do not believe that population control as a means for managing climate change is a mainstream position of the right wing. At no point do I reference the beliefs of average conservatives.

What you referenced as my “desired coda” is not neither what I desire, nor would I want it as a conclusion. In fact, I even specify that I don’t think it is a useful solution. I am spelling this out as an example of a proposal that is actually novel, in the sense that most people would not have considered birth control and girl’s education as having any connection to climate change. You seem to disagree that this is a novel take, which is fine, but I wanted to give an example of a conclusion with real meaning and concrete conclusions.

The debate around abortion is entirely separate, and it is clear that we disagree on that subject. I don’t plan to engage on that topic here as I don’t think this is a good forum for productive conversation.

It should also be stated that the film makes very clear that they believe anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is real. They never even suggest that it is not real. If you disagree, please provide quotes from the film accompanied by time stamps to justify that claim.

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